Hip and Leg Pain

Chiropractic Solutions for Hip and Leg Pain

Man holding hip in pain Hip and leg pain sometimes may or may not stem from common causes, but they definitely produce a common result: debilitating pain. Fortunately, our chiropractic team at Anderson Personal Injury Chiropractic can offer non-surgical solutions to help put you on the mend.

Causes and Symptoms of Hip and Leg Pain

As a ball-and-socket joint, the hip possesses a wide range of motion. However, numerous moving parts must mesh together perfectly to achieve that motion while also supporting your pelvic and upper-body weight. The tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues can experience strain and injury. The joint itself can become painful due to cartilage deterioration (as typically seen in osteoarthritis). An uncorrected spinal misalignment can create strain and premature wear in one hip or the other. 

Leg pain can occur for a variety of reasons. While you might know right away if you tear a muscle or rupture a ligament, you may also develop chronic pain due to overuse of the leg or an unbalanced posture. Sometimes you can experience both hip and leg pain that originates in the lower spine. If your sciatic nerve roots become pinched due to a herniated disc or other spinal abnormality, you may feel intense pains that go through your hip and down your leg.

How Our Team at Anderson Personal Injury Chiropractic Can Ease Your Pain

Our team at Anderson Personal Injury Chiropractic can discover the underlying reason for your hip or leg pain. X-rays, postural analysis, and discussion of your symptoms and lifestyle can lead us to an accurate diagnosis. In many cases, chiropractic adjustments can correct the problem at its source. Dr. Anderson can shift specific joint components into a more natural alignment that allows you to carry your weight more symmetrically -- taking the strain off of muscles and cartilage in the process.

Chiropractic treatment can also relieve sciatic nerve compression. Once your sciatic nerve can conduct signals properly again, those intense pains in your hip and or leg should go away. Our team may also put you on a course of physical therapy or other corrective care to reinforce your new and improved posture. We can even advise you on smart lifestyle changes that can help you avoid future bouts of hip or leg pain.

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